Thursday, August 30, 2018

Dead Sea Scrolls Professor Rober Eisenman's New Book Is on Amazon

Professor Eisenman is a personal friend. I respect his work very much and hope that your interest in history will encourage you to get a copy.  This was truly a modern day suspense mystery.  Eisenman is a rarity, a courageous academic.

Breaking the Dead Sea Scrolls Monopoly: A New Interpretation of the Messianic Movement in Palestine: Robert Eisenman: 9781725750456: Books

In this book, Professor Robert Eisenman details his struggles to break the monopoly on the Dead Sea Scrolls enjoyed by “The Official Team” and open them up to all: scholars and lay people alike. This monopoly had been going on for almost 40 years where only a select few with identical views could see the entire corpus, while the vast majority of outsiders could only see what this Establishment chose to publish with their always like-minded interpretations. To break through this monopoly, Prof. Eisenman followed a series of fortuitous steps. First, in the mid-1980’s he was fortunate enough to obtain a complete copy of The Official Israel Antiquities Authority List of all the existing Scroll fragments and documents. In about the same year, while an N.E.H. Fellow at The Albright Institute (“The American School” where the Scrolls first came in, in 1948), on the very first day of his arrival he was also fortunate enough to meet the actual photographer who photographed them. With the help of Michael Baigent (z”l), he was able to convince this individual to make over a second copy of all the plates to him. Then after many adventures - some positive, some negative - he was able to arrange for their complete publication in two volumes. In this book, for the first time Prof. Eisenman will reveal the name of this individual. In the second part, he will go through the meaning of the Scrolls - why based on the contents of the Documents themselves and not inaccurate preconceptions this is actually “The Literature of the Messianic Movement in Palestine” or what the author sometimes alludes to as “Palestinian Christianity”. As such, it is the very opposite of thatoverseas development of “Normative Christianity” we all know – i.e., “Pauline Christianity” - which developed in Romeand Alexandria and was abominated by these “Messianists” at Qumran. Its progenitor, Paul, will be identified in the book as a descendant of Herod and the personal and absolute “Enemy” of“James the Brother of Jesus,” called “The Just One” and “The Leader of the Movement in Palestine” equivalent to “The Righteous Teacher” in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

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