Sunday, November 30, 2014

Good to see you all using these articles and something about Practitioners

So nice to have you come visit to find out more truth about The Infinite Way.  Many of you come looking for practitioners.  I am sorry that I have none to recommend.  I had a very nice, successful practice and am happy to help anyone who needs it, as are a few of my students who were also IW practitioners. Now, however, they only work with people who are ok with us not being followers of the Infinite Way. We use many of the principles and have the same level of success, but it would not be honest of us to not share that we are no longer part of The Infinite Way philosophy.  Be sure that you check references for anyone you are referred to for there are no requirements to be called "an Infinite Way practitioner."   The practitioner should be a meditator and one that can explain all the principles to you.  Check them out and be honest with yourself.  Many come to a practitioner because they don't want to spend money on doctors. This is considered a "free" service.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

An Opportunity for Correction

It is very important that the public understand this information so that future students are not given wrong impressions and made to think that the business of The Infinite Way™ carries a spiritual authority. Each student must find their own confirmation of truth with factual research, study and meditation.

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Reason I Share These Experiences and Discoveries

It is difficult to bring the points presented here to your attention.  It would be much easier to just walk away and never look back.  I have, however, spent several decades in The Infinite Way™ as a devoted teacher and practitioner.  I therefore feel a responsibility to anyone looking into this path as it exists today. I have been offered huge sums of money for private instruction for certification as teacher and practitioner of Joel's method. There is no such thing. It has been gratifying to have hundreds of students follow and trust my website

It is with regret that I share the information here, but the following quotes from the Dalai Lama speak to my intentions.

Comments by the Dalai Lama found on

"In 1994 the Tibetan Buddhist leader the Dalai Lama hosted a conference for Western Buddhist teachers. One of the items on the agenda was how to deal with the increasing number of charlatans posing as qualified gurus who were using their positions of power to inflict physical and mental abuse on unwitting disciples: a question prompted in part by Sogyal Rinpoche’s ‘enlightened activities’. The Dalai’s advice?  ‘Criticize openly,’ His Holiness declared. ‘That’s the only way. If there is incontrovertible evidence of wrongdoing, teachers should be confronted with it. They should be allowed to admit their wrongs, make amends, and undergo a rehabilitation process. If a teacher won’t respond, students should publish the situation in a newspaper, not omitting the teacher’s name,” His Holiness said. “The fact that the teacher may have done many other good things should not keep us silent.” Again, in 2001, when answering a similar question, he advised potential converts to check a guru’s qualifications carefully; ‘The best thing is,‘ the Dalai Lama said, ‘whenever exploitation, sexual abuse or money abuse happen, make them public.’
"Jack Kornfield, founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Marin County, was among a group of two dozen Western teachers who discussed the sexual misconduct of Buddhist teachers with the Dalai Lama last year in India. According to Kornfield, the Tibetan Buddhist leader told the Americans to “always let people know when things are wrong. Put it in the newspapers if you must do so.”

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Why is Joel's Teaching Important

For those interested in a Christian approach to meditation and spiritual healing, Joel presents a very compelling philosophy.

In my experience, the most unique and important principle taught by Joel is the Nature of Error.  We must give him credit for his wonderful teachings of meditation, dominion and prayer. For those in the study, there is much to inspire and illuminate.

Inner Kingdom

Joel NEVER created the Inner Kingdom Course. This is a creation of Sue Ropac and her mother, Geri MacDonald.  When I worked for them, I had access to all the papers in the office. Never did I come across a "secret list."  In fact, one of the reasons I resigned my volunteer position was over a disagreement regarding an idea I proposed to Geri and Sue.

I thought it would be nice to have a transcript available for students who did not like, or could not hear the tapes.  These could be sold for around $5.00 to help students study.  Since a typed transcript for an hour tape was about 9 pages of typing (I did many of these, so I knew the size) and the Monthly Letter was 9 pages folded to 18 for the booklet (cost $1.50), it seemed fair to charge about $5.00.  Sue did not like this and felt it would undermine tape sales. We disagreed, and Geri decided to back Sue.

Within months of my departure, The Inner Kingdom Course was "discovered." It is a series of selected tapes (I suspect Sue and Geri made their own list).  Each tape is released at one time with transcripts of the tape in a folder. The master list is not published. If you have bought one of the tapes in the Kingdom Course, you do not get credit for it. You must buy it again.  It is implied that this is an "advanced course."  (There are advanced tapes throughout Joel's collection, but they are identified in a special way. I have discussed this for many years and students should know how to discern the advanced tapes by now.)

Over the years, students have asked for proof of the surprise document found in the archives.  No proof has ever materialized. There is no list, no paper, no special instruction.  Some have been told it was given in spiritual communication with Joel. That is to say, it was "channeled." This is a new way to avoid providing physical evidence.

No student has reported the course to be any more or less wonderful than Joel's other tapes. In fact, there is much disappointment in the quality, editing and production of this course. Many have reported to me that they lost interest after the initial introduction.

Students of The Inner Kingdom Course are allowed to attend an annual hour class given by Sue Ropac. I recommend that you research this well before attending.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Joel's teachings on death were, in my opinion, created from the philosophy he was taught in the Masons and other metaphysical teachings.  There is nothing that indicates that Joel had an Near Death Experience or knew anyone who had one.  This information was only published beginning in the 1970's.  What Joel taught was clearly wrong given what we know about the NDE experience.

Joel teaches that there is a three day dissolving of the sense of body. Each day becoming less and less material while visiting sites and people all over the world. The dead often materialize before a friend or family member looking alive and dressed in clothes.  The story is reminiscent of Jesus and his disciples after the crucifixion.  The dead travel anywhere they like and usually remain around until the funeral.

Toward the end of his life, Joel gave Emma a lesson on death.  While he was talking to her, he got up and moved to another room. He asked if she could hear him. She answered, "Yes, I can hear you." Then he asked if she could see him and she said, "no."  He told her this is what death is like.

What to make of this? Joel was doing his best, teaching what he thought was right. But, it wasn't accurate.  Unless he had the experience of dying and being revived, he could not teach this accurately and probably should not have done it.  Remember that not all who die and are revived have an NDE.

It is important to listen to those people who have experienced spiritual events, and remember that many teachers though well-meaning,  are merely teaching what they have been taught by others.  Unless someone is teaching their actual experience, they are guessing at best.

Since I have left The Infinite Way™ to teach my own curriculum of meditation and the nature of death, many in Infinite Way groups are studying death. I hope they know what they are doing.

Wait for Grace - Joel's Beginning The Infinite Way

This is one of the greatest problems Joel created.  I cannot say it was intentional. I think it was a matter of poor teaching and unrealistic understanding of his own success.

Joel tells students that they just have to follow his example when he started The Infinite Way. Sit in an office and wait for Grace to bring "my own to me."  This usually is understood to mean that we just get an idea, or realize a need and WAIT for God to bring this to us.

Joel says that when he started out, he had an orange crate, a telephone and walked several miles to and from work to save the tram fare. He wrote his book, self-published 2,000 copies and waited.

This sounds very romantic and nice when we learn that he soon had people lined up down the hall waiting for a healing appointment. His books sold and made their way to England and South Africa, all by Grace.  He leaves out some very important information.

First, before Joel started The Infinite Way, he had a huge following of Christian Science patients.  He was internationally famous for healing works, which brought him financial successes. He had a huge mailing list to which he sent regularly letters. He was a First Reader in the Christian Science Mother Church (their first church) and married to another prominent Christian Science practitioner.

There was quite a drama when he left Christian Science, for he was excommunicated from the Church. Nevertheless, he remained in Boston and had loyal patients and many friends in the Metaphysical Movement of the day. It was only a matter of time before people found Joel and became students.

We must also remember that Joel was socially very active. He was a Mason and possibly in other fraternal organizations or knew people in them. He was friends with the founders of Unity,Theosophists, Vedantists, Self-Realizationists and other metaphysical movements of the time.  If you research Joel Goldsmith in "Saints in Rebellion," you will find references to his early teachers and groups he knew.

Joel also wrote articles for newspapers and magazines, including Newsweek, The Mountain Path, The Aquarian. He was very much, socially engaged and prominent in the metaphysical world of his time. He was friends with and counsel to businessmen, socialites, actors, people in the theatre and movie business. He was a friend of Aldos Huxley, Manly Hall, Yogananda, Henry Thomas Hamlin, Christopher Isherwood and John Van Druten. It is a mistake to think that Joel stopped being a salesman when he left his father's business.  He was always a salesman and businessman.  But never forget, Joel was a celebrity.

We are led to believe that the publishing went smoothly and without much effort on his part.  On tape Joel speaks about the fights he had with publishers to publish his book when they did not want to. There were many "human footsteps" involved in Joel's success.  Why do you think he traveled like he did?  Everywhere he went he gave classes, made recordings and sold books.  They were business trips.  His publishers promoted him with appearances at famous bookstores in big cities like New York and San Francisco.

Joel further modeled The Infinite Way on the format of Christian Science. Similar practices, reading rooms staffed with volunteers promoting his materials.  These staffers became his teachers.

Joel created Dependency

All of us have been taught that the tapes are the highest consciousness and that Joel's consciousness advanced as his work progressed. So we are "hooked" into seeking THE TRUTH on the next, then the next tape.  This was a lucrative method of maintaining a following and sustaining an income.

Yes, Joel teaches,  EVENTUALLY all of us would have to stand on our own, but not until we learned all the material in every book and on every tape.

Mental Healings Mental Powers

Joel teaches that there are two kinds of healing, mental and spiritual. The Christian Science type of  healing he identified as mental. It is the changing of thought about a problem, turning negative thoughts into positive, taking illness and seeing wellness.  He claims the founder of this principle, later used by Mrs. Eddy, Phineas Quimby was merely a mentalist. This is also not true when one looks at the history. Quimby was not a performing magician, he was a serious Christian devoted to healing with the principles he, himself uncovered and compared to those of Jesus.

 Joel  said that his healings were spiritual.  Compared to material, mental healing, they were supposedly permanent.  Naturally, everyone who came to Joel for healing wanted a spiritual healing, one that will last. Patients today want the same thing.

I have come to see that there is no spiritual healing possible in the human realm. The material realm and the spiritual realm are separate. If there is a healing of a human condition, it must be a material or mental healing by definition.

Joel talks a lot about the power of the mind. A recommended study of propaganda and mind control will reveal to the student that the mind is very powerful and strong, particularly in this day and age. Joel said that mental powers would eventually fade and become ineffectual. This does not seem to be accurate.

Joel says that the subliminal advertising machine of his day stopped working because of his meditations.  What began as an experiment of imbedded pictures of popcorn and cola causing greater sales became a "propaganda science" in the USA.  Subliminal advertising is outlawed in Europe, but still legal and used extensively in our country.  Sadly,  Joel's claims that his meditations "broke" the machine and ended its use are FAR from true. We are surrounded by subliminals. They have only gotten more advanced and stronger since Joel's day and age.

How Could The Message Be "Revealed" and Be Wrong?

A classic practice of religions is to claim that their message, that of the prophet or leader, is revealed. This tells the follower that the leader has holy authority and is beyond doubt or questioning.

We have the same practice in The Infinite Way. Joel claims that all he says is revelation. It is all from The Source via "the Voice."

Ok, so if this is not magical, what is it?  Many of us believed this. So much of what Joel talks about is true. If you look into the history he tells,  the politicians, their hidden motives you will find most are true and confirmed.

Yet, with new information about the early Christians, NDEs, one has to ask, how could revelation be wrong?  How could Joel tell a family member, "One day, The Infinite Way will have to be re-written"?
How is a student or teacher to know what part of Joel's message is revelation?

Well, what Joel failed to teach is that his revelation was from HIS PERSONAL understanding and consciousness, not a revelation from a God outside of him.  It is natural for the student to assume the latter the way Joel presents things and without corrections or clarifications.  His human, Secondary Consciousness was the source of his information. It was all based on his experience, learning and cultural influences of the time.

So, it may have been a revealed message, but not an infallible one.

Joel implied that he was able to be clairvoyant because of his initiation experiences.  He predicted many things such as world peace, one world government and the end of medicine by 2,000.  Certain things have not only not happened, but have gotten worse.


I have decided to move this and reserve for later date. Thank you.


The "Voice" - a metaphysical cliche' carried over from New Thought.  So often, there is no voice, but rather a sense, a feeling, a thought. To propose that everyone has an inner, audible voice is incorrect and misleading to the student body.  It is also dangerous.  There are military weapons that beam a "voice" to people's brains with instructions.

We need to be very clear what we can and cannot experience. We also need to be practiced in how our inner guidance communicates to us.  To imply that there is a "voice" to hear makes God outside and magical....both huge no-nos in our work.

The Bait and Switch of Healing

Again and again, we hear Joel mentally wringing his hands over the fact that "students" are only coming for healing. They don't want the message of mysticism.

I have spent years and years, myself trying every method possible to turn patients into students. It rarely worked.

How could Joel expect anything but frustration when his reputation was built on his healing ability born in Christian Science?  Joel felt that if he could heal people, they would want to learn his message and become healers themselves.  It did not happen.

In all the years of my work, a handful of people came for the teaching, not the results. Even when someone came claiming to ONLY want the mysticism, there would always be a quick request for something before the close of the call or meeting.  I blame this on Joel.

Over and over, Joel says that the healings are simply the "added things."  He teaches that we are really to seek God and our own spiritual development.  In my practice, although having many successes, when I stopped offering healings, students stopped coming.  I think the same would have happened with Joel.

Students were drawn by his healing reputation and by his lessons on Jesus.  Students wanted this. They wanted a Christian approach to meditation and they wanted somewhere to go when Christian Science no longer suited them.  Joel's books are inspirational. They were in prisons, libraries and churches. Those who followed in the early years were often women who had sick children or sons in war.  They came out of fear and desperation.

In my opinion, had Joel followed through on his acknowledgment that the healings were not the reason for his message, he would have lost his audience.  And, Joel needed his audience to help support himself and his wife's family.  He confessed to his step-son that the most money he made was not from the books, but from the healings.  Student gratitude, not tuitions or books sales,  brought him property, art, jewels and lots of cash. He invested, as typical businessmen of his day did, in stocks and property. Joel went to lawyers for advice, accountants for tax purposes and had influential businessmen as friends and patients.

Total Honesty?

Joel taught that HONESTY IS CRITICAL to a spiritual relationship. If a student lies to a teacher, the bond is broken. Likewise, if a teacher lies to a student, the bond is broken.

I think there are a number of "lies" which have to be considered.  In fairness to Joel, some may not have been done with full awareness of the consequences. Nevertheless, TOTAL honesty was missing from this organization.  There was lots of secrecy around The Infinite Way™ when I started in the 1980's, as there still is today.

Personal secrets whose sharing would have helped many students guide their own life decisions:

  • Joel was excommunicated from Christian Science. He wanted to change things in the teaching. For being so famous at the Mother Church in his day, there is little or no record or history of him there.
  • Joel's personal letters to Emma reveal a great emotional dependence on her while telling students they can manage the work alone - even implying at times that family and loved ones are needless or drains on one's study and progress.
  • Joel was married four times, one annulment, the next wife, a Christian Science Practitioner,  died, the next wife was divorced and finally he married Emma (also married and divorced four times). The children of the wife who died sued him. The divorce of the next wife was rather bitter over alimony.
  • Joel did not reveal that Emma's family was a huge burden and emotional drain on him. His personal letters expressed this again and again. Geri looked to Emma and Joel for work, money and housing most of her life.
  • Joel did not intend for The Infinite Way to go to the family. He did not like Geri or her children. (From personal, unpublished letters and immediate family interviews I conducted and taped.)
  • Joel's heart attack was never openly shared until posted on my website
  • Joel owned stocks and bonds for Emma. He had savings,  property and collections of jade carvings, fine art and jewels. (Grace takes care of supply, no? In fact, Joel taught NOT TO SAVE.  Use money for it will be replenished.)

  • Joel and family took medicine.

  • Joel and family went to doctors and chiropractors, even to the hospital.While Joel and Emma were traveling, Sam was being cared for by Lorraine Sinkler. Sam got a deep cut which Lorraine could not heal. It became infected. Upon returning home, Joel was furious that she did not take him to the Emergency Room for stitches. (Personal testimony from Sam Goldsmith.)

  • Joel had concerns about being sued by patients and went to a lawyer for advice. Since Christian Science was always being sued, he needed to protect himself. He did not share this publicly in any policy statement for teachers or practitioners. I think this is why he said he did not give personal advice.
  • The lawsuit between Sinkler and Emma Goldsmith, fueled by Geri MacDonald has been ignored and swept under the rug. Until the details at the, no information was available to students.
  • Lorraine Sinkler and Bessie were summarily fired by Geri MacDonald for no reason after many decades of loyal service and employment.
  • The following information is the reason I am unable to be associated with the name or the family. 
(It is with regret that I share the information here, but the following quotes from the Dalai Lama speak to my intentions. Here are comments by the Dalai Lama found at:

In 1994 the Tibetan Buddhist leader the Dalai Lama hosted a conference for Western Buddhist teachers. One of the items on the agenda was how to deal with the increasing number of charlatans posing as qualified gurus who were using their positions of power to inflict physical and mental abuse on unwitting disciples: a question prompted in part by Sogyal Rinpoche’s ‘enlightened activities’. The Dalai’s advice?  ‘Criticize openly,’ His Holiness declared. ‘That’s the only way. If there is incontrovertible evidence of wrongdoing, teachers should be confronted with it. They should be allowed to admit their wrongs, make amends, and undergo a rehabilitation process. If a teacher won’t respond, students should publish the situation in a newspaper, not omitting the teacher’s name,” His Holiness said. “The fact that the teacher may have done many other good things should not keep us silent.” Again, in 2001, when answering a similar question, he advised potential converts to check a guru’s qualifications carefully; ‘The best thing is,‘ the Dalai Lama said, ‘whenever exploitation, sexual abuse or money abuse happen, make them public.’
Jack Kornfield, founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Marin County, was among a group of two dozen Western teachers who discussed the sexual misconduct of Buddhist teachers with the Dalai Lama last year in India. According to Kornfield, the Tibetan Buddhist leader told the Americans to “always let people know when things are wrong. Put it in the newspapers if you must do so.”)
    • The following account was told to me by witnesses. (Sadly, there is no physical evidence remaining as Emma was cremated within minutes of her death!)  In the mid-1980's Emma had been hidden from her family for over five years.  Her daughter, Geri MacDonald, had transferred the business and was her conservator.  Detectives found Emma in a convalescent home, healthy. One night at the home, Geri found her brother, Sam, visiting with Emma and forced the staff to remove him and his wife.  They were forbidden to ever see their mother. Within less than 12 hours, at around 4 a.m., Emma was dead. All organs had shut down simultaneously.  By 6 a.m. she had been cremated making an autopsy impossible. The doctor suspected poison, but there was no way to prove it without a body to examine.

    • This "story" made my further support of The Infinite Way impossible. A step back to analyze the contradictions in the message gave me my independence.

    • To accept this may change the way we feel about THE INFINITE WAY organization, but this should not affect the philosophy of Joel and his message. If you are guided to study his works, do so with an understanding of the human and the spiritual in all of us. All humans are fallible.  This also applies to discovering things about Christianity which may not be what we have learned in the past. It should not change the principles of love and kindness, forgiveness and individual spirituality.  I hope that this information keeps you from being a slave to any person or philosophy.  Find your personal way and your personal TRUTH. 

    • Joel was right - it is through meditation.
  • Mistakes:
  • Spiritual experiences, such as a God Contact, cannot be promised to students. Illumination is individual and spontaneous. It cannot be produced or guaranteed. (Joel does assure students that within a year they should have a contact and be healing yet in the 1959 March Monthly Letter he states the opposite in Transcendental Consciousness.  Listen for yourself on this blog.)
  • The message teaches independence and dominion, but people become dependent upon a practitioner and Joel.


Joel said that we do not do testimony in The Infinite Way like in Christian Science.  Yet, he often told stories about healing.

If this is a healing practice of PLACEBO, then testimonies are great and should be used whenever possible for they give patients confidence.  The withholding of these stories serves no purpose except to make Joel look like the only one who had dramatic healings. He never speaks much about stories of others doing healing.  (If someone finds a report on tape, please send it in with reference.)

We heard that Lorraine could heal.  But there are no anecdotes.

Joel Went to The Doctor

In spite of comments about how successful Christian Science was because Mrs. Eddy was so strict about visiting doctors and taking medicine, Joel used medicine and doctors.

Sam, Joel's step-son witnessed his parents taking vitamins, going to chiropractic, opthamologists, using homeopathy. Finally, Joel was under the care of cardiologists after his hear attack in South Africa.

The general student body was not told of this. Only those witnesses at the time.  The impression given is that Joel DID NOT USE any material means to promote health.  This was not true. It was also not true of his wife and her family.

In fact, at a recent Infinite Way class held by Geri MacDonald and Sue Ropac, Tylenol was requested by Sue's child.

Students should be aware of this so that they can make intelligent choices and not feel guilty about treating themselves or their families.

Jesus the Placebo

Joel claims that he taught the healing message of Jesus. A message "lost" to the world until now. He speaks of Jesus walking through the streets, not advertising his ability or announcing himself as the Messiah.  His consciousness was such that those who walked by him or touched him, were healed.

Joel goes on to use the same method of asking, as Jesus did, to patients, "Do you believe I can heal you?"

The operative word here is BELIEVE. Do you BELIEVE.  This is the foundation of Jesus' healing,  Phineas Quimby's who taught Mrs. Eddy and who then taught Joel.  The healing depended on the patient's BELIEF.

Although the success of placebos have been known for centuries, only recent brain research has proven their efficacy. Placebos work as well as drugs and surgical treatments, and often in the exact same way.

It is now necessary for us to consider the placebo effect of Infinite Way treatments.

Jesus and Paul

Joel mentions that the Dead Sea Scrolls will be translated and will teach us new things about The New Testament. We know that there is no historical evidence. If there had been, it has been destroyed.

Joel says the Bible is not fact, but allegories about every man's [woman's] life.

Joel calls Jesus his Master.  In the East, his Master would have been Buddha.

Jesus speaks about Paul as if he were a known, historical figure. What history we have of Paul, calls many things into question.  Christianity is not the message of Jesus, but rather the message of Paul.

Joel went on to tell us how he felt the consciousness of Paul in Damascus.  What if Paul was a Roman traitor and it is all fiction?  This is what historical records are beginning to present.

Is God in This World?

Joel teaches two messages:

"God knows your need."

"There is no God in this world."

Then there is the teaching: God is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient.
    How can this be and not know about this world?

Finally, he tells us, 'There is no God."

These contradictions are challenges to every student.

Do Not Be a Do Gooder

If this is a Christian message and we are to follow the teachings of Jesus, then why the mandate to not be kind and compassionate to our fellow man? Joel tells us not to be "do-gooders."  Let others help in physical, material ways. We meditate to dissolve appearances.

This is a very dangerous attitude to perpetuate among followers. It implies that we are to ignore suffering and injustice.  This is not to say, we do not see the truth and correct appearances. However, as human beings, we naturally empathize.  Joel teaches NOT to do this. This takes a toll on a person's psyche.

Is it possible that a sane person can keep their sanity under these teachings? Naturally, a caring person, a spiritually evolved person, responds to injustice and suffering with a desire to DO something about them. I have always felt very conflicted teaching this and trying to live it.

The teaching comes under the topic of "living between two worlds."  We are not to react to the picture. But, how do we do this and model loving behavior to our children? How do we treat others with kindness if we are not recognizing their need?

In my view, this is a dangerous hold-over from Christian Science "positive thinking."  We have only to look at India and see the eventual outcome of a non-caring religious teaching.

Why the Message so Masculine?

There is a very obvious problem in The Infinite Way.  First, God is taught as incorporeal. This means, without a body.  Yet, over and over he  refers to God as "He," rarely ever using "It."

When reading from the Bible, he assumes that "He" is an acceptable pronoun.  Given that the majority of Joel's audience was female, one would expect him to be more sensitive and more inclusive of ancient  matriarchal history.

We are not to edit or make changes to the works, so the patriarchal attitude will remain. It sends a message that one-half of the population is invisible.

Why the Message So Christian?

Joel's Christian message promoted book sales, sales for prisons and churches.  He had a wide audience in those areas.  Often Joel says that in the East, he would have spoken of Buddha instead of Jesus. However, he continues to speak of Jesus and Paul as historically accurate accounts when he knew that the Dead Sea Scrolls would be revealing a new message.  He also spoke of the work of the Church in hiding the truth.

Joel's main audience was Christian. Today, his audience comes from all religious backgrounds and the use of Christ often is understood as "Jesus Christ."  This Christian emphasis can be a challenge for many in younger generations.

Joel's View on Education Differs From His Actions

Joel said you did not have to be learned to understand The Infinite Way.  He bragged that he only had an 8th grade education, but he pushed Sam to go to college for he regretted his own lack of higher education.  

Joel bragged about going to Harvard for the Sanskrit class. He claims he was the only one admitted to a college course without formal admission.

Consciousness of the Unborn

On one of the tapes, Joel talks about children and consciousness. He refers to the embryo as “a dangling piece of flesh.”  Yet, at other times, he says that there is consciousness in one cell.  This is very hard to reconcile.  New science regarding NDE experiences confirm that we choose our parents and enter the fetus at different times, depending on the family and circumstances.

Joel also teaches different things about consciousness and when it is "in" the child. In my opinion, he was just repeating common metaphysical teaching of the day (Rosicrucian, Masonic, etc.)

Material Things are Unimportant

Joel taught that we should not be caught up with materiality.  He did not favor stoicism and taught that we should enjoy the lives we have been given.  If there is money, share it, use it.  If not, don't worry, live within your means.

However, Joel admits to collecting things, having favorite foods.  He bought Emma minks and expensive cars. His family shares that he was addicted to coffee and overate. His heart attack caused him to have to change his diet and stop over-indulging.

Joel bought Geri a house to live in, paid for the finest boarding school for Sam and traveled First Class.

There is no judgment here, but these facts are not widely known. Without this information, students can assume Joel was less human than he really was.

Copyrights and Editing

Goldsmith said he did not believe in copyrights, but his own published books were copyrighted. Said publisher insisted. Nevertheless, his self-published "The Infinite Way" was copyrighted.

Said that there was to be no editing, but had an editor. He fought often with Sinkler and her sister over changes, but he allowed them in the end.  So much for revelations un-changed.

Guided Meditation

Q: Please explain why Joel did not want guided meditation but his meditations did seem to instruct people, i.e. the “I” meditations and others on tape.

Yes, Joel was really clear that we should not do guided meditation for it was giving your mind over to someone else for their control. In spite of what magician’s say, YOU can be hypnotized and the smarter you are, the easier it is. YOU can be controlled and made to do what you would not ever do in your non-hypnotized state of being. 

Q: Can you explain why we need to establish dominion before a meditation?

Before a meditation it is good to do what Joel taught on tape #315, a tape that all students should be familiar with. Joel describes how we connect with our “Christhood” or spirit before world work, meditation, prayer. This “protects” us from falling for the belief in two powers.

How Do You Explain the God Contact?

Q: How do you explain the God Contact?  

Am I contacting the Absolute? Or am I contacting the God of my being? Still part of Secondary Consciousness? I am not sure. Where does the healing come from?
Goldsmith describes “God Contact” to be a sense of connection with Spirit. Each of us will feel it in a different way, but there will be no misunderstanding it and there should be signs following.  We students have been led to believe that this contact with God is one that can be earned or achieved through a meditation technique (nothingize, impersonalize, drop the appearance).

Yes, you are contacting your own Spiritual essence, not the Absolute.  You are making contact with the Spiritual part of your Secondary Consciousness.  The healing, when and if it comes, comes from you, from your own conviction in the principles and the non-power of the appearance.  This would be defined as a placebo in the world’s understanding.

Can You Wait For Grace to Operate in Your Life?

Q: I have been out of work for seven years and need help finding a job.  I have been studying by reading and listening to tapes, but no work seems to come. Joel said that we are to wait for Grace to find us and that he just sat in his office and patients began to appear. Can you explain why I have not gotten work?

JS:  Mr. Goldsmith has said, “Consciousness draws all of your good to you, wait for Grace to operate.” He uses his own life experiences as examples to prove that one has only to wait for Grace to appear. It will take care of all the details.

Yet, in other places, he emphasizes that one has to “take human footsteps.”  Over and over, students stumble on this principle. They believe that by some magic, the Cosmos will find them a job, pay their bills, etc. Mr. Goldsmith has told them this will happen.

There are two problems incorporated in this dilemma. First, Grace DOES operate in surprising ways, bringing opportunities, job offers, and sums of money from unexpected sources. However, this does not mean we do not apply for jobs, ask banks for financial assistance, advertise our products, or seek out publishers.

Goldsmith forgets to tell students that he had book agents. Long before he published his first book, he had scores of patients who were on his mailing list for weekly and monthly letters. He had an international reputation as one of the finest Christian Science healers (a legacy erased when he left the church.) When Goldsmith was asked to leave Christian Science because he was sending out his own message to his followers, he took many of those Christian Science patients and students with him. They made up the core of his early classes and readership. 

To read Goldsmith’s accounts, it could seem like he just printed some books and they flew off the shelves. This is not the case. Goldsmith told how hard he often worked to just get a book published, how he argued and pleaded with his publisher who wanted edits he did not agree with. Book sellers were contacted about caring the book. It was a business and not as easy as he often makes it appear. 

It is a shame that students were not reassured that they needed to be intelligent business people who used common sense and  followed responsible business practices

The Nature of Human Consciousness

Q: I have a hard time understanding what Joel means when he talks about consciousness.  On tape #548 side one (23 min) he says, “Neither you nor I created the material world because there isn’t any, only material sense appearing as a world.” Continuing on tape #551 side one he makes the statement,
“You didn’t create this world. You are a victim of universal belief in two powers, hypnotic…” However, he then states on tape # 563 side one, “Your world is your state of consciousness.”

This would imply that we are responsible for everything in our experience.  Can you explain?

Answer, JS: Yes, I sympathize and definitely see that this appears to be a huge contradiction for you.  In all cases, Joel is speaking about the human, material plane.  Yet, there are times when he uses the word, “world” and means the spiritual world, that world that is not of solid matter. Sometimes, he refers to it as “the fourth dimension.”

Our sensory world where we hear, taste, touch, smell, see, think or emote, creates the world we perceive and respond to. Have we created this?  As individuals, no, collectively as we accepted the dream, yes, it is our secondary consciousness world into which we are born. Our karmic path was set before we came to this incarnation, and it dictates what experiences we will have. Our responses define our life and that is the consciousness we exhibit and experience.  The developed consciousness is what goes with us when we leave our body behind to move on.

The problem here is the apparent contradiction between a life we create for ourselves before we come and the world situations we find ourselves in. The message teaches us to impersonalize. The appearances we suffer are not our fault. They are the fault of our beliefs, both individually and collectively. We don’t even realize how these beliefs affect us.  So it is at this level that we must begin our work, by understanding what our beliefs are and how we have come to accept them. This is something that we can credit P. Quimby with teaching Mrs. Eddy and thereby, Goldsmith.

To teach that “nothing occurs to you except as an activity of your own consciousness” means you are a victim of this world. It creates feelings of guilt for the bad appearances and inflates the ego when things go well. Neither is accurate or helpful to one in this study.

The Name, "The Infinite Way"

The Name, The Infinite Way®

Q:How and why did Goldsmith name his teaching The Infinite Way® ?  How can the path be infinite if beyond this earth, there is no time or space?

JS:Honestly, I have taught students that Joel took the name as a recommendation from a friend. He thought it sounded good for the book and it stuck. He never corrected the notion that there is no time  or space in the spiritual realm.  These are conditions of the earth plane only. There cannot be a “path” or “way” except your own personal way. There is no place to travel to, and it certainly is not infinite.
What is commonly taught in the field of meditation is that meditation is infinite. Meditations are personal and ever changing and unfolding. Perhaps this is what Goldsmith intended.

Goldsmith and his Legacy

I looked to Goldsmith for each step in my career, and wanted to find a way to make it easier for students to experience God contact and to give the healing patients an interest in the message. I worked hard to perpetuate Joel Goldsmith’s legacy and shore up the places that proved to be weak.

In the course of these many years, I have encountered people, documents, principles that all seemed to culminate in a profound understanding of what The Infinite Way® really is. As I learned more and more through personal interviews with Goldsmith’s family, as I took a new look at the teachings and Goldsmith’s method, it became evident that contradictions in his life and work needed to be discussed.  Principles that had been taught a certain way needed to be revisited. Otherwise, followers could become stuck making little progress and experiencing continued frustrations. I decided that the first thing to do was to articulate these contradictions and explain them.

If you are a student of The Infinite Way®, you will surely have come across some confusing lessons.  It is only natural that students from many different religious teachings, or no teaching, would have some trouble with the many Bible references in the Goldsmith material.  Goldsmith tends to shift back and forth from referring to people like Jesus, Moses, and Paul as historical to speaking of them as allegorical literary heroes.  Since Christian Science and other New Thought teachings consider Jesus allegorical, we can assume Goldsmith did as well.

Goldsmith insisted that his students and teachers not discuss, argue or debate his principles.  This made it very difficult for some to progress.  The custom is common in Eastern religions where a guru instructs without comment or inquiry. This is the model Goldsmith followed, but Westerners need a different mode, as he, himself, admitted.

It seems only prudent in this day and age to step back from Mr. Goldsmith’s demands and take a more objective approach. As a teacher by profession, I have always looked to my students to help me present lessons relevant to their personal needs, to help me understand where they were not “getting it.”

Having students who were, themselves, schoolteachers and college professors caused me to take a closer look at Mr. Goldsmith as a teacher. It came naturally after we allowed ourselves to take a critical, professional examination of learning issues and consider reasons for Goldsmith’s repeated personal frustrations with his student body and the lack of student progress. In his final diary entry he admits that there was no one to follow him, no one who stood by him, “not a one.”  Why was this?

Goldsmith’s teaching practice developed as his business waned and more people asked him for spiritual help because he was a Christian Science teacher and practitioner. He denies ever wanting to teach yet, at the same time, Goldsmith says that he never wanted to be a healer. What he expresses is an obligation to those who asked for his help. He felt spiritually guided to do so. The healing work was intended to prove his spiritual principles and thereby, convince patients to become students. (Perhaps as Mary Eddy became a student of P. Quimby after being healed by him.) In the Goldsmith tapes, we discover a man who does not want to teach, really does not know how to teach, but finds himself in a position of teacher and guru to thousands. 

Mr. Goldsmith confessed that he wanted to stop the teaching, for the students were not responding and not understanding his principles. Neither did they care to spend the time and effort necessary to learn them. “They don’t want to do the work. They want YOU [me] to do the reading and the studying for them.”  He could have easily given up the teaching lectures after 1959 when he presented his principles for the second time in a 20 tape series. However, he continued to travel at great sacrifice to his health and family harmony. 

On the surface, he seemed so successful.  From the 1940’s until the present, there have been thousands of followers, hundreds of thousands of his books read, thousands upon thousands of tapes sold. Yet, he complained over and over, both privately and publicly, that the students “just weren’t getting the message.”  All most wanted were his healings. Joel hoped that through healings they would want to learn the principles and eventually become Practitioners.

By the early 1950’s, his lectures generated not only a handsome income for himself, but supported a tape department and book-publishing arm. These in turn, supported his fourth wife’s young handicapped son, Sam, his older divorced stepdaughter, Geri MacDonald and her baby, Sue as well as Emma's elder son, Bill. Emma's family was dependent upon The Infinite Way® message. It was no longer one man in an office with an orange crate and telephone. Goldsmith had a thriving lecture schedule, lucrative book contracts, a tape recording business and Infinite Way Centers around the world. He acquired property, fine art, jewelry, stocks, bonds and real estate. The Infinite Way® had become a mini-organization in spite of his own statements which warned that organizations were dangerous to the integrity of a mystical message.

Why Examine Infinite Way Contradictions?

"Only by lighting this relationship up from all sides and bringing out the apparent contradictions, can we hope to effect that change in our thought processes which is a sin qua non of any true understanding..."  Heisenberg

"We must analyze everything into what it now is, then analysis will show that it contains its own opposite, which in turn will have to be harmonized into something that includes them both.  But the resultant synthesis will itself be subject again to a negative element, this then, will be resolved into a still more comprehensive synthesis, which will be subjected once more to the principle of contradiction...The Universe as a whole harmonizes all contradictions, it is the perfect whole..." Hegel (see Henry Alphern's An Outline History of Philosophy, Forum House, 1969, p. 162-4)

In this world of opposites, contradictions continue to surface as we make progress in our philosophical and mystical understanding.  They help present questions that cause us to stretch and move forward, ever seeking the Truth. As we are confined in this place by words, time, feelings and mental limitations, it is only natural that questions continue to seek resolution.

Joel was not trained to be a teacher. He lectured and followed patterns established in Christian Science, Scottish Rite Masonry, and other organizations to which he belonged. As a lecturer, he did not encourage questions, nor did he reach out to his students to find out why they were not "getting" the message. Yet, he became frustrated over and over again, feeling that something was wrong with the students.  Goldsmith re-stated his philosophy, but never really understood where his students were stumbling. He did not prepare for the future either in Infinite Way curriculum or business. He left no instructions for those to follow.

Skinning Your Knees on God

Skinning Your Knees on God

Little by little, 
You will turn into stars.

Even then, my dear, 
You will only be
A crawling infant,
Still skinning your knees on God.

Little by little, 
You will turn into
The whole sweet, amorous Universe
In heat
On a wild spring night,

And become so free
In a wonderful, secret 
And pur Love
That flows
From a conscious,
Infinite need for Light.

Even then, my dear,
The Beloved will have fulfilled
Just a fraction,
Just a fraction!
Of a promise
He wrote upon your heart.

When your soul begins
To Ever bloom and laugh
And spin in Eternal Ecstascy--

O little by little,
You will turn into God.


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Healing and Consciousness

I don't think students of Joel Goldsmith will ever stop blaming themselves and their lack of consciousness for illnesses and problems in their lives.  Over and over, I am asked to help a student who has tried and tried to heal themselves or solve a problem, but who feels that they just aren't a good enough student or that their consciousness is not high enough.

I respect and  understand the desire to help yourself.  Joel makes us feel that we can and should.  This is all part of the teaching. It is also a hook to keep followers attached to the message.  After 30 years of studying and 20 years of teaching, I have found very few who are successful at self-healing. It has been much easier for students to heal others.

According to Joel, if one meditates for a year, sincerely working to make spiritual progress, the practice "should" result in a God Contact. After a year, students should be able to heal themselves and others.  I have found that students of this caliber are rare.

Why is this such a stubborn problem?  First, most people are not truly convinced this method works.  They WANT it to work, but usually wait until all other avenues have been exhausted. They may not want to PAY for medicine, doctor visits, operations. They may FEAR surgery, doctors, hospitals, radiation treatments, etc. And so, spiritual help becomes a last resort, something that sounds worth a try. Further,  some have heard or read Joel say that spiritual healings are permanent and superior to mental healing or materia medica.

The important principle that most students miss is: The material world and spiritual world are two separate realms. A God "out there" does not magically heal or fix things for us.  Joel taught this and those who have experienced NDE's understand it first hand.

So, this means that any physical change is a material healing. There is no such thing as a spiritual healing as Joel defines it.  Any healing of the body or physical circumstances is material, mental and "this world."

The main spiritual work is meditation. This may help your consciousness advance.  It should be the only thing we desire and strive for.