Sunday, November 18, 2018

July 1959 Monthly Letter Spiritual Freedom

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Nov. 18 Meeting and Meditation - No Power Apart from God

 We opened with a meditation for the world.

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August 1959 Monthly Letter - unedited Conscious Dominion

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Nov 11 Meeting

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Sunday Meeting Nov 4, 2018 Election instructions

The most important section for immediate study is part 3. It is about elections and our world work. Please implement prayer immediately.

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Monday, October 22, 2018

Sunday Reading Yogananda on Healing

From a Self Realization Booklet, lecture given January 4, 1940 Los Angeles

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Since Joel was a friend of Yogananda and they shared an awareness of the developments around the world in the area of spiritual healing, I thought this would be appropriate.  It is a reading from a small booklet available from The Self Realization Center.

I think the lessons are well stated, especially the comments about the world being a dream.  As for the advice to not be rigidly against any form of materia medica, I would have to agree.  I think this is the proper outlook for beginners on the path. One may have a miraculous healing from a practitioner, but if medical care is needed or required, we do what is necessary and logical to help ourselves and family.

Spiritual healing requires a commitment and often a practitioner with  a deep conviction of the power of God and non-power of matter.  This is eventually what every sincere student seeks. However, we must respect the level of spiritual development of our friends and family.