Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thank you for your interest in what happens to "old" students of Joel's, those who move on and away from The Infinite Way.

I, for one, continue my meditations, my studies and writing. I am doing a survey of meditators and researching mindfulness meditation. I delight in the fact that my unfoldment really came before and independent of Joel's teachings, although I learned much from him.

I have always been interested in helping others, my original interest was to be a doctor.  I became a school teacher instead. Later, I taught and did healing practitioner work in my career in The Infinite Way.  Joel taught that we should not be "do gooders." Rather do world work.  I did lots of world work.

Now, I am a "do gooder" active in helping to address the problem of sexual abuse on college campuses. I am helping in a way that I can given my circumstances and associations. I was asked and so I respond.  It is much more gratifying than the disassociation techniques taught by Joel. We still must LIVE in the world.  We have chosen to incarnate and that means we live in human bodies, with other humans, in the way that humans live.

Some call the term "householder", those who are not monks or ascetics. Joel urged us to be "householders" in the world working in jobs and with families. This means we have to behave a certain way and it is very "crazy making" to have to constantly ignore worldly things we need to face for family and work.

I wish you all well in your journey and know that you will find the truth for you, with or without Joel.