Sunday, November 30, 2014

Good to see you all using these articles and something about Practitioners

So nice to have you come visit to find out more truth about The Infinite Way.  Many of you come looking for practitioners.  I am sorry that I have none to recommend.  I had a very nice, successful practice and am happy to help anyone who needs it, as are a few of my students who were also IW practitioners. Now, however, they only work with people who are ok with us not being followers of the Infinite Way. We use many of the principles and have the same level of success, but it would not be honest of us to not share that we are no longer part of The Infinite Way philosophy.  Be sure that you check references for anyone you are referred to for there are no requirements to be called "an Infinite Way practitioner."   The practitioner should be a meditator and one that can explain all the principles to you.  Check them out and be honest with yourself.  Many come to a practitioner because they don't want to spend money on doctors. This is considered a "free" service.

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  1. Real healing is nothing to do with the physical. It is about an inner revealing of our true state which is "I". healings may come as a result of an inner opening and revealing, sometimes, though one's discords become far worse. It really is about dying to the human, not about succeeding in getting a healing of something physical to live a better or succesful life.