Tuesday, March 25, 2014

An Opportunity for Correction

It is very important that the public understand this information so that future students are not given wrong impressions and made to think that the business of The Infinite Way™ carries a spiritual authority. Each student must find their own confirmation of truth with factual research, study and meditation.


  1. JS,
    I think I studied with you in CA years ago. I liked circle of christhood and found this site to be helpful. Yes it is ok to go to doctors, therapists and 12 step meetings. I tried for years to be so strict and good in the IW and it almost killed me until I found my own way. This is very helpful though not easy to read.


  2. Not easy because Joel had wonderful traits and very human ones like all of us.😊

  3. Dear Mame,
    Check back from time to time for new info coming.

  4. I don't like the tone of this post at all. What makes you think anyone needs you to interpret Joel, his intentions and otherwise?

  5. If you don't need or want this information, no need to read further. We all interpret Joel in our personal way. I happen to have had many experiences with the work and teachers that others have not been able to have, especially personal contact with his family. Thanks your your visit and your perspective. I am sure many are satisfied, as you seem to be,with their personal journey.